All You Need To Know About Dental Bridge

Do you have a gap in your teeth from tooth loss?  This could make you feel uncomfortable. Don’t be concerned! A dental bridge can be used to conceal the gap in your smile. Our dentists at Clearview Dental have provided all the information about dental bridges in this blog.

What Is A Dental Bridge?

dental bridge is similar to a substitute tooth (sometimes called a pontic) that is placed between one or two abutment teeth. Your Round Rock dentist can make a bridge out of a variety of dental materials, including porcelain, ceramic, silver, porcelain-fused metals, or gold, but porcelain is the most common choice since it closely resembles your original teeth and fits in with them.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Dental Bridges?

A dental bridge has several benefits that make it quite popular. Your dentist in Round Rock has written them down in this section. The following are some of the advantages:

  • A dental bridge is an excellent tooth replacement option since it delivers both practical and cosmetic benefits. In terms of function, the bridge assists in the chewing and biting of food and allows people to eat and chew normally because all gaps are filled. It covers all awkward gaps and helps to restore and increase one’s confidence and smile.  Furthermore, since it is so close to the mouth’s structure, a dental bridge is barely detectable.
  • A dental bridge assists in the long-term preservation of your mouth’s structure. A missing tooth might cause surrounding teeth to shift slowly or move apart, resulting in a biting problem. A  dental bridge, on the other hand, serves to stabilize the surrounding teeth, lowering the risk of movement and, as a result, biting issues.
  • A dental bridge helps to keep your facial structure by reducing the danger of jawbone loss. When you suffer from tooth loss, the jawbone worsens slowly, but a dental bridge helps to prevent this
  • Patients simply need to adapt to the dental bridge for a short time because it appears and feels like an original tooth.
  • The dental bridge, unlike a denture, does not require constant cleaning and removal because it can be properly cleaned just like your natural teeth by following basic oral hygiene habits.

What Is The Cost Of Dental Bridge?

The cost of a dental bridge is determined by many factors. If you want a precise estimate, you should talk to your Round Rock dentist. It is normally between $2000 and $15000.

Which Factors Determine The Cost Of Dental Bridge?

Several factors determine the exact estimate of a dental bridge. Your favorite dentist in Round Rock has listed the below for better understanding.

  • The number of missing teeth, i.e. how many replacement teeth are needed.
  • The dentistry office’s geographical location
  • The level of complexity of the procedure
  • The type of material used to construct the bridge
  • X-rays and dental exams
  • Other additional procedures
  • The type of dental bridge that is being used.

We hope this information has helped you to make better decisions when it comes to your dental bridge. Book an appointment with us if you are looking for the best dental bridges in Round Rock, TX.


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