Oral Conscious Sedation: If you are in fear or anxiety to get dental treatment

Are you feeling anxious thinking about going to the dentist for a procedure? Did you postpone your dental visit thinking about the pain and time you have to spend in dental care? Oral Conscious Sedation as the name suggests is used by dentists for putting at ease anxious and fearful patients who fear dental procedures. It is performed in a clean and comfortable atmosphere for the patients. Not all dentists have permission to perform oral conscious sedation. It requires special courses and training including the need for a permit in performing the oral conscious sedation in the patient undergoing fear or anxiety.

However oral conscious sedation is not only meant for people having fear or anxiety but it is also opted by those for whom leave or a day’s off is not available for dental procedures. Timing constraints is also one of the issues some people prefer going for sedation dentistry. With the help of this sedation, the dentist will be able to keep the mouth of the patient open for an extended period so that they could perform more than one large dental procedure if any. The duration of such appointments could last anywhere between a minimum of 3 hours to a maximum of 8 hours.

How does Oral Conscious Sedation work?

This type of sedation is also known as sedation dentistry. The dentist will provide the dental patient with oral medications for relaxing the patient. This type of sedation however varies a lot compared to general anaesthesia. The main difference includes the patients will not be unconscious in oral conscious sedation. This medication makes the patient drowsy and is taken an hour before proceeding ahead with the dental procedure. Usually, oral medications are prescribed in smaller doses which makes the patient feel relaxed and comfortable with minimal sedation. However, if the patient has a history of too much anxiety or fear, then larger doses of oral medications will be provided. This leads the patient in feeling moderate sedation. In addition to it, the patient will be also provided with numbing local anaesthesia which numbs the pain during the orthodontic treatment for a specific period. During the moderate sedation, the patient will be in a position to respond to the dentist, however little will they be aware of the dental procedure taking place.

Check whether the dental care is certified or not for providing sedation dentistry if you are planning to go ahead with oral conscious sedation. Consult ClearView Dental in Round Rock, Texas for the best oral conscious sedation services.


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