How Oral Health Is Interconnected With Your Overall Health?

Your oral health is more precious than you might even imagine! Our mouth is the portal to our entire body! Did you know that your oral health renders signals about your overall health status? Rising evidence has unveiled a firm link between the impacts of chronic oral inflammation and general health.

What’s the link between oral and overall health systems?

Like other body parts, your mouth is also packed with bacteria. But since your mouth is the gateway to your digestive and respiratory tracts, bacteria can cause various diseases. This includes –

◉ Tooth decay
◉ Gum problems
◉ Oral infections
◉ Impair your ability to eat and speak accurately
◉ Bad breath
◉ Heart diseases and so on
◉ Few bacteria in your mouth can be pulled into your lungs, causing pneumonia and other respiratory troubles.

Usually, the body’s natural defenses and proper oral care, keep bacteria under control. Saliva washes away food particles and neutralizes acids generated by bacteria in the mouth. This actually, helps to guard you from microbes that grow and causes disease.

Studies reveal that oral bacteria and the inflammation due to gum issue (periodontitis) might play a major role in certain diseases. It can also spring problems in pregnancy and birth complications! Diseases, such as diabetes and HIV/AIDS, can lessen the body’s resistance to infection. This can cause mouth sores and also other major oral health issues.

What are the keys to good dental hygiene?

◉ Brushing with a soft-bristled toothbrush for at least two minutes twice daily
◉ Using fluoride-containing toothpaste
◉ Flossing once a day
◉ Using a good antibacterial mouthwash
◉ Visiting your dentist every six months for check-ups and dental cleanings
◉ Replacing your toothbrush after every three months or sooner if bristles are worn
◉ Maintaining a healthy diet
◉ Limiting your sugar intakes is essential
◉ Quit smoking and alcohol intake
◉ Reduce stress to achieve a healthy and confident smile
◉ Always remember, when you take care of your oral health it’s an investment in your well-being.

How do we take care of your oral health at Clearview Dental!

Just like we care for our other body parts, maintaining healthy oral hygiene is a lifelong process. During this pandemic, addressing a patient’s issues is also done virtually sometimes. This helps a person to freely speak to our Dentists at Clear View Dental and get suggestions. In Round Rock, we take every kind of necessary precautions like practicing social distancing to keep our patients safe and secure in this Covid-19 situation.

Our skilled dentists can perform dental checkups and exams for our patients with confidence. Providing excellent dental care at an affordable rate along with comfort and smile to our patients is our priority.

Call us at Clearview Dental & schedule an appointment today.


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